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Our low cost, high reimbursement billing service for most EMRs
How it Works
We utilize the patient and charge information you're already entering into your EMR, automatically retrieving that information from your EMR, and running it through our world-class software and processes to get you paid. You retain total control over the front-end part of billing, while we handle the repetitive, time-consuming and complex back-end tasks related to claim submissions, insurance follow-ups, and patient statements. We educate you on critical billing issues, and you have 100% transparency into your claims and payments, without the headaches.

We are technical experts in EMR integration, and we support the industry standard HL7 interface, as well as others.

Looking for an EMR?
We have partnerships with many EMR vendors, and can introduce you to EMRs that might be right for your practice. Contact us - we're here to help.

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